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Webinar: Using RespiSim® to Manage Patient-Ventilator Synchrony in the Volume Assist-Control Mode

In the ICU,  patient-ventilator interaction is a key concern. It is evident in both clinical practice and research that the interaction between a patient and a ventilator is frequently substandard and patient-ventilator dysynchrony is too common.

This webinar features a demonstration of our RespiSim Curriculum Module – Trigger Dysynchrony in VCV.

The simulation involves a patient who is intubated for COPD exacerbation. The learner must first correct inadequate ventilation by increasing the tidal volume. For the sake of time, we will skip to the second stage of this Curriculum Module where the learner will recognize and assess trigger dysynchrony.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognize trigger dysynchrony utilizing scalar waveforms
  • Assess the patient by looking at real ventilator screens and the Vital Signs Monitor
  • See the improvements on the ventilator screen and the Vital Signs Monitor after the learner makes the appropriate adjustments

This Webinar has already taken place. Watch the recording here. (23:13)

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