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Webinar: Running a Mechanical Ventilation Scenario with RespiSim®

Learn how you can take your ventilator management training to a new level with hands-on training using the RespiSim System. This system enables highly effective training using a real ventilator – without putting patients at risk.

This webinar features a ventilator management simulation involving a patient intubated due to a severe asthma exacerbation. We will demonstrate how the scenario is controlled from the QuickChoice Menu in the RespiSim Software.

What is the RespiSim QuickChoice Menu?

The QuickChoice Menu is an intuitive user interface, that allows you to set up a ventilator management scenario by simply selecting three parameters: patient type, diagnosis, and disease severity.

What can I expect to learn at this webinar?

  • You will see how to create a problem for the learner to solve on a real ventilator.
  • We will walk through how the learner assesses the patient by looking at real ventilator screens and the Vital Signs Monitor.
  • After the learner makes the appropriate adjustments to the ventilator, you will see the improvements on the ventilator screen and the Vital Signs Monitor.
  • The scenario will fast forward to six hours later when the ventilator must be adjusted again in response to improvements in the patient’s condition.

This webinar has already taken place but you can view recording here (28:39).

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