Insight into Patient-Ventilator Interaction

Get deeper insight into the intricate dynamics of patient-ventilator interaction with the Ventilator Interface Kit (VIK). The VIK is an option for the RespiSim System, designed for respiratory care educators.  Its purpose is to display data acquired from a real ventilator within the RespiSim Software. This information can be referenced by the instructor during the simulation or reviewed with the learner during the debrief. The VIK works with all leading brand ICU ventilators.

The ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator already provides over ninety patient parameters for hours of trending and review as well as realtime analysis. The additional value that the VIK offers is the ability to integrate the actual ventilator parameters (modes, alarm limits, alarms occurred) and display them on the same screen as the patient data. In conclusion, the VIK  allows you to compare what the ventilator says is being delivered and what the patient is actually getting. This is a topic of special interest in neonatal ventilation.

Due to the sampling rate, we do not recommend using the VIK to analyze ventilator waveform data for the purpose of ventilator testing and development.


RespiSim® Ventilator Interface Kit
RespiSim® Ventilator Interface Kit


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