Deeper Insight into Patient-Ventilator Interaction

Consult with a Product Specialist to determine whether this may be an optional add-on for your RespiSim System.

Get deeper insight into the intricate dynamics of patient-ventilator interaction with the Ventilator Interface Kit (VIK). The VIK is an add-on option for the RespiSim System, designed for respiratory care educators.  Its purpose is to display data acquired from a real ventilator within the RespiSim Software. This information can be referenced by the instructor during the simulation or reviewed with the learner during the debrief. Please note: The amount of time elapsed from when the data is received into the RespiSim Software is dependent upon the make/ model of each ventilator. The VIK works with most major ICU ventilator brands. View a complete list below.

The ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator already provides 17 patient parameters for review. The additional value that the VIK offers is the ability to integrate the actual ventilator parameters (modes, alarm limits, alarms occurred) and display them on the same screen as the patient data. In conclusion, the VIK  allows you to compare what the ventilator says is being delivered and what the patient is actually getting. This is a topic of special interest in neonatal ventilation.

Due to the sampling rate, we do not recommend using the VIK to analyze ventilator waveform data for the purpose of ventilator testing and development.


RespiSim® Ventilator Interface Kit
RespiSim® Ventilator Interface Kit


The Ventilator Interface Kit (VIK) is compatible with most major USA ventilator brands including Drager, Hamilton, Vyaire, GE, Medtronic, Maquet, and Philips. Here is a full list of the compatible ventilators (as of March, 2021):

  • BD- CareFusion LTV series ventilators
  • BD- CareFusion Avea Ventilator
  • BD- CareFusion Avea Comp Ventilator
  • BD- CareFusion Vela Ventilator
  • BD- CareFusion Vela Comp Ventilator
  • Drager 7000 Ventilator
  • Drager 8200 Ventilator
  • Drager 8210 Ventilator
  • Drager 8230 Ventilator
  • Drager 8240 Ventilator
  • Drager 8250 Ventilator
  • Drager 8260 Ventilator
  • Drager 8270 Ventilator
  • Drager 8272 Ventilator
  • GE Datex – Ohmeda 1.0 Anesthesia Ventilator System
  • GE Datex – Ohmeda 1.2 Anesthesia Ventilator System
  • GE Datex – Ohmeda 1.3 Anesthesia Ventilator System
  • Hamilton Amadeus Ventilator
  • Hamilton Galileo Ventilator
  • Hamilton G-5 Ventilator
  • Hamilton C1 Neo Ventilator
  • Hamilton C1 Ventilator
  • Hamilton C3 Ventilator
  • Hamilton C6 Ventilator
  • Hamilton T-1 Ventilator
  • Maquet Getinge Group Servo 300 Ventilator
  • Maquet Getinge Group Servo-I Ventilator
  • Maquet Getinge Group Servo-S Ventilator
  • Medtronic Puritan Bennett 7200 Ventilator
  • Medtronic Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator
  • Medtronic Puritan Bennett Newport e360 Sub Acute Ventilator
  • Medtronic Puritan Bennett Somanetics Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter
  • Medtronic Puritan Bennett VersaMed Portable Ventilator
  • Philips Respironics Esprit Ventilator
  • Philips V60 Non-Invasive Ventilator
  • Philips MP 50 IntelliVue Monitor
  • Philips NICO (NM3) Respiratory Profile Monitor
  • Ventec Life Systems VOCSN Ventilator
  • VersaMed Portable Ventilator
  • Vyaire LTV series ventilators
  • Vyaire LTV2 series ventilators
  • Vyaire Avea CVS ventilator
  • Vyaire Bellavista Neo
  • Vyaire Bellavista 1000

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Ventilator manufacturers update their interface protocol often. We do our best to update the compatibility list, but it is possible there may be discrepancies. If you have trouble using the Ventilator Interface Kit with one of the compatible ventilators listed above, please contact