Using the RespiSim System to Educate at Scale

Using the RespiSim System to Mimic the Patient Accurately

We recently spoke with Matthew Jurecki, BS, RRT, Program Coordinator of Respiratory Education at a large, leading academic medical facility. Matt relates that the RespiSim® System has helped his facility overcome training challenges that were previously problematic.

“The RespiSim System can mimic the patient. When we’ve tried to work with other products, we couldn’t necessarily replicate problems automatically, realistically and at scale. By using RespiSim, we’ve removed the barrier of having different instructors, etc. and can provide the exact same training experience for all of our learners.”

Ventilator Management a Key

Furthermore, Matt says that the RespiSim System is unique in its ability to assist with ventilator management training:

“There aren’t too many products like the RespiSim System. One huge benefit, is that you can connect it to any real ventilator and the RT’s have to make adjustments to the vent. Plus, they are learning on the same equipment that they’ll actually use at the bedside.”

RespiSim Value Increases Over Time

Matt says that the RespiSim System becomes more valuable to his facility every year, because they continue to expand its use in their training program.

“It’s incredibly valuable to be able to watch RT’s in action making mistakes, and to catch those issues before they occur with real patients!”

In addition, Matt says that by using the RespiSim System, his learners become more aware of real-world respiratory issues, improve their skills, and increase their beside confidence. The RespiSim System allows learners to train on ventilator management and safely experiment with the different modes and settings without putting real patients at risk.