Automated Product Verification at CareFusion

For over a decade, the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator has been an essential tool for product development and quality control in the respiratory device industry. With the recent development of the Test Automation Interface (TAI), life just got a lot easier for a group of test engineers at CareFusion.


An automated product verification station with the ASL 5000 at CareFusion

The TAI is a feature of ASL 5000™Software 3.4 or later which enables users to integrate the device into their proprietary software for automated device testing.

Mark Blair, Sr. Principal Test Engineer at CareFusion, uses the ASL 5000 for product verification. According to Mark, the use of the TAI in combination with the ASL 5000 “allowed us to automate our product verification test set-ups and data acquisition.” He believes that the time savings and increased efficiency has been extremely beneficial, but he was quick to point out another major advantage of the system.

“The thing this gives us is consistency. It has truly become a pure measurement – always executed and interpreted the same way. You get a repeatable, objective acquisition of the measurements.”Mark Blair, Sr. Principal Test Engineer at CareFusion

The TAI comprises a set of commands which control the ASL 5000 software from within a separate test software environment (i.e. LabVIEW, C, C++, etc.), a critical prerequisite for automated testing in product development and quality assurance.

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