A new textbook on mechanical ventilation lists 298 mode names on 36 ventilators in the US alone. Many hospitals have several different ventilators, each with multiple options for modes of ventilation. This is a major challenge for ensuring clinical competency.

Until now, there has been no standardized training program that would help clinicians develop the skills to understand and use all modes of ventilation. IngMar Medical now offers a comprehensive course on ventilator technology based on a new textbook1, and a published mode classification system2 developed in collaboration with Robert Chatburn. This system has been integrated into the newest editions of major textbooks.

Author: Rob Chatburn

This package of modules includes lectures and bench simulations which can be implemented as a self-study program. It takes the learner from basic concepts through a complete step-by-step mode classification system. Once modes can be identified, they can be compared and the most appropriate one selected to meet the patient’s needs. Each module is complete with simulation-based laboratory exercises, fully explained in an instructor’s manual.

Package of Ten Modules

  1. Defining a Breath
  2. Defining an Assisted Breath
  3. How the Ventilator Assists Breathing
  4. Trigger and Cycle Events
  5. Patient and Machine Events
  6. How to Classify Breaths
  7. Breath Sequences
  8. Ventilator Patterns
  9. Targeting Schemes
  10. How to Classify Modes

The Package Includes:

  • Ten slide presentations with full voice-over for self study (approximately 20 minutes each)
  • Ten simulations
  • Lab manual
  • Answer key for lab manuals
  • Instructor manual
  • Glossary of symbols and terminology
  • Introduction to Mechanical Ventilation lab handout
  • Journal Article: Chatburn RL, Khatib ME, Mireles-Cabodevila E. A Taxonomy for Mechanical Ventilation: 10 Fundamental Maxims. Respir Care 2014;59(11):1747–1763.”A Taxonomy for Mechanical Ventilation”

1. Volsko TA, Chatburn RL, El-Khatib MF. Equipment for Respiratory Care. Jones & Bartlett Learning: Burlington, 2016.

2.  Chatburn RL, El-Khatib MF, Mireles-Cabodevila E. A taxonomy for mechanical ventilation: 10 fundamental maxims. Respir Care 2014;59(11):1747-1763.