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Vars v. Scripts

Patient models are created with the ASL 5000 software using two file types: Var files (.vr3) and Script files (.sct).

A Var file (.vr3) represents a particular model of the respiratory system at a particular point in time.

A Script file (.sct) is a sequence of Var files used to create a particular scenario.

script defines how different models (i.e., Var files) are activated sequentially to simulate a clinical situation, such as a breathing patient becoming apneic. In the example below, you will see a script in which a normal adult model takes 5 breaths (defined in the Reps column) and then becomes apneic.

Go to the Script/Patient Model tab. From within the Scenario Scripts section, double-click Adult_apnea.sct.

Vars v. Scripts_1

Here, the script Adult_apnea.sct is made up of a series of passive and normal .vr3 files.

You can think of .vr3 files as the ingredients that make up a recipe (the .sct file).



Scripting gives you the power to create scenarios from the very basic to complex, evolving patient conditions. Furthermore, your scenarios can be saved so that you can run them again and again.

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