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Saving Your Scenarios

You have two options for saving a scenario in the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator software. To understand the two main file types used to create a scenario, please refer to Tips and Tricks #1 – Vars v. Scripts.

Saving Scripts

Before running a script, it will need to be saved. This can be done from the ScriptFile drop-down menu or by using the Save or Save As buttons on the left-side panel of the Simulation Script Editor.Saving Your Scenario_1

Saving Your Scenario_1

By choosing either of these options, you are making your scenario ready to run in the Run Time Home window.

Saving Your Scenario_2

Saving Var Files

Var files (.vr3) should be saved in the …\ASL Software x.x\vars folder. However, if you would like to make your .vr3 files accessible from the Interactive Control Panel Patient Library, you must save them in the \ASL Software x.x\vars\Scenarios folder. This gives you the ability to apply your .vr3 files on-the-fly by simply double-clicking them during a simulation.

Saving Your Scenario_3


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