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Creating an Apneic Episode on the Fly

With the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator, you have the ability to create an apneic episode interactively during any scenario. ASL 5000 scenarios are based on a patient effort model; therefore, you can simply adjust the Inspiratory Muscle Pressure to zero.

In the example below, we are running our Adult_normal.sct script.


Now, to create the apneic episode, we can enable our Interactive Control Panel and change the Inspiratory Muscle Pressure to zero.


After approximately two breaths, the waveforms in the Central Run Time window will reflect the change in patient condition.


Please keep in mind that the Interactive Control Panel supersedes script control. Once you adjust a parameter using the Interactive Control Panel, your modified breath will run indefinitely until you make another change. To return to your script, simply click ‘End Interactive’.


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