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Tension Pneumothorax Webinar

Help! The vent alarms are going crazy and the patient’s SAT’s have plummeted!

In this free 30 minute webinar you will learn how to create a scenario to let clinicians practice how to deal with this type of cry for help – without putting a real patient at risk.  Please join IngMar Medical on Friday, April 29th at 1:00 pm EST for our next free webinar: Ventilator Emergency – Tension Pneumothorax.

The webinar will teach you how to create the tension pneumothorax emergency scenario in this two minute video using the RespiSim® System.

This brief 15 minute scenario will feature a septic patient who is intubated due to decreasing mental status. We will then identify the acute ventilator emergency and solutions to fix this patient issue. In addition, we will take a more in-depth look at the patient models we have created using the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator. At the conclusion of the scenario, we will open the floor for a question and answer session with our Clinical Educator Amanda Dexter, MS, RRT, CHSE.

“It’s imperative that respiratory therapists be able to identify the symptoms of a tension pneumothorax quickly and efficiently, as it can be fatal in a matter of minutes,” says IngMar Medical’s Clinical Educator Kimber Haug, BS, RRT. “Time is of the essence in this situation, especially if a physician or nurse needs to be called to the bedside to perform a needle decompression. Using IngMar Medical’s RespiSim® System and RespiPatient® together, every aspect of this emergency event can be recreated – from our spontaneously breathing patient, to vital signs and assessment parameters, to the procedure of needle decompression.”

For details and to register for Ventilator Emergency – Tension Pneumothorax webinar, click here. Please note that registration is required for this webinar. This webinar is recommended for current and prospective RespiSim® customers, however anyone is welcome.

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