Respiratory Simulation Specialists


RespiSim Software 3.6 Video Tutorials

Maximize your investment in the RespiSim System by learning how to customize and run simulations.
  • Using the QuickChoice Menu (QCM)
    Learn how to create an educational scenario using the QuickChoice Menu within the RespiSim Windows Manager. Handout (video outline)
  • Running and Saving a Curriculum Module
    Learn how to run a pre-built RespiSim Curriculum Module as well as modify and save a customized RespiSim Curriculum Module.
  • Saving Patient Models with the Interactive Control Panel (ICP)
    Learn how to modify patient parameters within the Interactive Control Panel (ICP) and save these modifications as a new patient model in the Patient Library. Within the RespiSim Windows Manager, this feature is known as Advanced Interactive.

Software 3.5 Video Tutorial

  • Getting Started This is for our legacy Software 3.5. We strongly recommend you upgrade to software 3.6 to take advantage of new features such as the QuickChoice Menu.

Training Options

Our interactive small group training is available in two formats: Customer-Site at your facility and our new Live Distance Training conducted via webconference.

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