Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you need, please call us at (800) 583-9910, Option 1 or 412-441-8228, Option 1; or email us at

General Questions

Can I place an order online?

You can purchase the products listed below online. The order total must be below $5,000 and ship to address must be within the USA.

You can purchase these service items online:

For international orders, orders above $5,000, or if you would like a quote for products not offered in our store, please contact us at 

What are your terms and conditions?

You can read our general purchasing terms and conditions here.

You can read our subscription-based RespiSim® eLearning terms and conditions here.

What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Check – Please reference your invoice number, if possible, and remit payment to IngMar Medical, 400 North Lexington Street, Suite LL117, Pittsburgh, PA 15208.
  • Credit Card – We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. For orders over $5,000, please contact us at
  • Wire Transfer – For banking information, please contact IngMar Medical does not accept sender’s bank charges or intermediary bank charges.
  • Purchase Order. Click here to submit a PO.
What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are:

  • Domestic:  Net 30 days pending credit approval.
  • International:  Prepayment is kindly requested

You can refer to your most recent quote or contact to confirm your payment terms.

What is your shipping/billing address?

Our billing and shipping address are the same:

IngMar Medical
400 North Lexington Street

Suite LL117

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

What shipping carriers do you use?

Our standard shipping method is UPS, with charges prepay and additional. If you would like to use an alternative carrier, please note this on your purchase order and include your carrier account number.

What is IngMar Medical's tax identification number?
  • Our Federal Tax ID is 25-1780998.
  • Our PA State Sales Tax ID is 80043438.
Can you provide your W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)?

You can download our W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) here.

Will sales tax be added to our order?

If state-mandated thresholds are not met, sales tax will not be included and it will be the customer’s responsibility to remit tax fees to their state.

How will I be invoiced?

After your order has shipped, we will email or mail your invoice to the accounts payable address provided on your purchase order.

For questions regarding your invoice, please contact Accounts Receivable at 412-441-8228 ext. 101 or by email.

How do I send items in for service?

Instructions for Getting Items Serviced


Get a Service Request Order (SRO) Number

Contact and provide:

  1. Your contact information, product name and serial number.
  2. A brief description of the service you need (i.e. calibration) or the problem you are experiencing.

We may contact you for further information or to troubleshoot before issuing the SRO Number.


Pack your product carefully to prevent damage during shipping. If you do not have a device carrying case you can use a corrugated box.

  1. Place the device inside a box with at least 2” (5 cm) of packing material such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam “peanuts” around all 6 sides.
  2. Place this box inside a larger box with at least 2” (5 cm) of packing material around all 6 sides. The sides of the box should be firm and the device should not shift inside either box.
  3. Place your contact information (name/ship to address/phone/email) inside the package.

ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator

Return in original shipping box or carrying case. The cost for a replacement shipping box is $45.

Calibrated QuickLung® or AccuLung

Be sure the 3 compliance springs are attached and the elbow is inside the box. We need a complete set to perform the calibration. The cost for a replacement spring set is $19.50.

QuickLung® Breather

For Breather repairs, it is not necessary to return the QuickLung.

Adult/Pediatric Lung Model

Follow “Precautions During Travel” in the User’s Manual section 6.3. Leave bellows open (Resistance set to 1, 2, or 3 ) to avoid damage to pressure gauges.


Ship to:

IngMar Medical
Attn: Your Service Repair Order (SRO) Number
5940 Baum Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
United States of America
Phone +1 412-441-8228

  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs, customs, and duties (where applicable) in both directions.
  • We return ship via UPS. If you would like to use your own carrier, let us know.
  • International Customers:
    • HS Tariff code is 9023.00.000
    • Clearly state on the shipping documents that the shipment is US Goods Returned.
    • Do not indicate a customs value. Note: customs value is not the same as insured value.
    • Do not classify as a medical device. Our products are laboratory or teaching tools.

What happens next?

We inspect your device. If repair is needed, we will send you a Service Order Estimate. We need your approval and a purchase order or credit card before we start the work.

Do you have a purchasing checklist?

You can download our purchasing checklist here.

What is Your Policy for Returning Purchased Items?

RETURN POLICY: IngMar Medical will accept and will provide a refund or credit for the full purchase price of merchandise returned in new and saleable condition within 60 days of delivery. A refund or credit may be issued upon receipt and evaluation of merchandise. Please contact the Client Success Team for a Service Request Order (SRO) prior to returning any items. SRO numbers are valid for 60 days. All returned merchandise is subject to a 15% restocking fee. Purchased educational content such as training and scenarios is non-refundable.

ASL 5000 Questions

Can I retrofit my ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator with RespiSim® System components such as the RespiSim® Software and RespiPatient®?

Absolutely. We design our products to be modular whenever possible so that you can expand your system according to your needs and your budget. To integrate the RespiPatient®, your ASL 5000® might need a few hardware upgrades. Contact us to find out what additional components your system requires, if any.

We already own a compatible Laerdal manikin. Can we upgrade our lungs to the ASL 5000®?

Yes, this product is the ASL 5000® Lung Solution. Developed in collaboration with Laerdal, this solution allows you to integrate our ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator, with the SimMan® 3G, SimMan® ALS, SimMan® Essential, SimMan® 3G Trauma, Nursing Anne Simulator and the new SimBaby™.

What replacement parts are available for the RespiPatient®?

RespiPatient® features replaceable tissues which help provide each trainee with a lifelike and unique surgical experience. Supplies are readily available from either IngMar Medical, or your local TruCorp distributor. Replaceable parts include neck skin covers, combo Larynx, subcutaneous fat tissue, chest drain inserts, needle decompression inserts, and larynx membrane inserts.

I already have an ASL 5000®, do I need to purchase the entire ASL 5000® Lung Solution?

If you already own an ASL 5000®, you simply need the Lung Adapter which includes the software plug-in for LLEAP and any necessary hardware to physically integrate the ASL 5000® with the SimMan®, SimMan® ALS or the New SimBaby. To establish connection between Nursing Anne Simulator and your ASL 5000®, the Nursing Anne Simulator ASL 5000® kit is required and contains all components needed.

Do I need to calibrate or service my ASL 5000®?

For research or engineering purposes, we would strongly recommend annual calibration. After 12 months the pressure transducer error can be expected to exceed the specified limits (1% full scale) for <20% of the instruments. Therefore, if you are using the device for applications in a controlled metrology environment, you may want to consider re-calibration after six months. Within 6 months the pressure transducer drift can be expected to be within the specified limits for all instruments.

For educational usage, we would recommend calibration once every two years.

RespiSim® eLearning Questions

How do I purchase a RespiSim® eLearning Subscription?

Subscriptions can be purchased via the IngMar Medical Online Store using a credit card. This is the preferred method because it allows the convenience of auto-renewals. However, for users who are unable to purchase via the Online Store, we will accept a Purchase Order with terms of prepayment only. This option does not allow for auto-renewals.

How do I manage my RespiSim® eLearning subscription? What if I forgot my password/ want to change it?

Click on your “order number” from your initial order confirmation email. Once you are on that page, either log in or click “forget password” to set your password.

How do I renew my RespiSim® eLearning subscription?

If you purchased via the IngMar Medical Online Store using a credit card, your subscription is set to renew automatically using your payment method on file. You can manage or cancel this subscription from your my account page.

If your purchased via Purchase Order, provide a new Purchase Order to 5 days before your existing subscription’s end date.

How do I re-enroll in a RespiSim® eLearning LMS course?

Navigate to the course in the “Catalog” and selecting “Enroll”. You may also repeat any module from a previously completed course by navigating to “My Courses” selecting “Completed Courses” and clicking “Relaunch” on the course you would like to revisit. You will then have the option to relaunch specific modules of that course.

How do I access my completed RespiSim® eLearning LMS courses?

Completed courses can be accessed anytime by navigating to the “My Courses” page from your dashboard. From there you will be able to see the courses you are currently enrolled in as well as completed courses. You may also re-download your certificate of completion here.

How do I cancel my RespiSim® eLearning subscription?

Email The minimum subscription period is one year, so if you cancel early, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the subscription until your subscription has expired. If you haven’t used it, we’ll refund you within 7 days of the initial purchase.

When the subscription is canceled, the user will lose access to their Virtual Ventilator.

What are your terms and conditions for the subscription-based RespiSim® eLearning?

You can read our subscription-based RespiSim® eLearning terms and conditions here.