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ASL 5000 – Getting Started

Setting Up Your ASL 5000

To ensure a smooth startup and ease of use, a netbook computer and a wireless router are standard components included with the purchase of an ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator.

The netbook computer is pre-loaded with the ASL 5000 software and connectivity via the router’s DHCP functionality and is tested before we ship the ASL 5000. This ensures that our customers have a known good hardware configuration straight out of the box.

The following resources provide detailed instruction on setting up your ASL 5000:

  • Quick Reference Setup Guide (PDF)
  • Connecting via Ethernet Router  (Video)
  • Connecting via RS-232 (Video)

Getting Started with Software 3.5 Tutorial Video

Getting Started with Software 3.5

Click the video above to get started with Software 3.5.

Please note: this video is for users of the legacy 3.5 software. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to our latest software release 3.6 and take advantage of improved ease of use in new features such as the QuickChoice Menu. Learn more.

The Getting Started with Software 3.5 Tutorial Video is intended to provide a basic understanding of the ASL 5000 Software. You will learn the fundamental ways of running a simulation using Software 3.5.

If you have not upgraded to Software 3.6, you may be eligible for free or discounted upgrade. Please contact us to receive our special upgrade offers.

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