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ASL 5000 Troubleshooting

Q: When I am using the connection via RS-232, the software tells me that there is no communication with the simulator.

A: The host software assumes that you are operating using COM1 on your PC. That means that COM1 must be the port on your PC that you connect the RS-232 cable to directly (if your PC actually has a “native” RS-232 port). Otherwise, COM1 must be assigned to the serial port that is created from a USB port on the PC when you use a USB-to-Serial converter (you can confirm that by checking in the Windows Device Manager).

Q: A message is telling me that I cannot write a file when I try to run the ASL 5000 host software.

A: You need write access to the installation folder when running the ASL 5000 host software. Right-click on the folder to access the Security Properties and to change permissions. Apply write/read permissions to the main installation folder and all sub-folders and their content. NOTE: In Win Vista, you might have to first turn “User Account Control” off (in the Control Panel -> Security) to make the change of permissions “stick.”

Q: I was unable to change Breath Rate and Insp Vt in the Interactive Control Panel. How can I change these values?

A: If you intend to change parameters from the Interactive Control Panel, please make sure that you have a model running that has spontaneous breathing assigned. For example, you could start out with the regular breathing of the segment1.vr3, starting the ASL 5000 from the Central Runtime Window and then, after opening the ICP, manipulate rate and Pmax. Please note that you don’t directly control Vt in true patient models. It is a result of the respiratory mechanics settings and the programmed patient effort. If you want to program just flow or volume patterns, without the simulator responding to pressure changes via C and R, use pump models as a starting point.

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