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Simulating the Difficult-to-Wean Patient Webinar

Simulating the Difficult-to-Wean Patient

Weaning a patient from a ventilator is not a straightforward procedure, and often requires practice to get it just right. Fortunately, the RespiSim® System can be used to train proper weaning techniques without the fear of inflicting patient harm. Join us for a free webinar in which we explore the ways we can use the RespiSim System to teach ventilator weaning.

VENT WEANINGPresenter: Amanda Dexter MS, RRT, CHSE
Moderator: Brian Linn

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to run a ventilator weaning simulation using the ASL 5000 Software
  • How to assess a patient’s readiness to wean
  • How to build a difficult-to-wean patient model


  • ICU Patient has been on the Volume SIMV mode for 48 hours without complications
  • We place the patient on CPAP/PSV (pressure support mode)
  • First Spontaneous Breathing Trial is conducted
  • Patient fails the first Spontaneous Breathing Trial
  • We return the to patient Volume SIMV
  • 24 hours later, we repeat the Spontaneous Breathing Trial
  • Patient passes and can be extubated


  • Following the 30 minute instructional portion of the webinar, there will be 30 minutes set aside to answer questions pertaining to the topic covered. Questions will be answered on a first come first serve basis through the GoToMeeting Comment box, located on the side panel.

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