RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software

Transform the way you deliver mechanical ventilation training – from anywhere, to anyone! Harness the power of cutting-edge waveform analysis and intuitive patient-ventilator interaction, tailored for remote or in-person audiences. Driven by the globally recognized ASL 5000® lung modeling technology, our Virtual Ventilator presents a lifelike experience of ventilation training, sparing you the inconvenience and expense of traditional high-fidelity simulators.

For existing RespiSim Users, please reach out to our Product Specialists at to explore your options for upgrading to the Virtual Ventilator.

The benefits of our RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software?

  • Powered by the world-renowned ASL 5000® lung-modeling technology within the RespiSim® Software
  • Demonstrate waveform analysis and the fundamentals of patient-ventilator interaction for a live remote or in-person audience
  • Instructors can lead Virtual Ventilator simulations, encouraging learners to observe and recommend changes
  • Learners can interact with the Virtual Ventilator during self-study to visualize the concepts they’ve learned before putting their skills to the test on a real ventilator
  • Choose from a library of 25+ adult lung models (e.g. ARDS, COPD, etc.) or create your own!
  • That lung model will interact realistically with our Virtual Ventilator software interface
  • Make live changes to the ventilator settings to demonstrate the impact of those changes on the waveforms and ventilator data (e.g. PIP, Vt, etc.)


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