Ventilator management is a critical responsibility that demands sophisticated skills. Optimizing patient-ventilator interaction is challenging, and not necessarily made easier by the complexity of today’s ventilators and the plethora of ventilation modes.


See how to run a simulation with the RespiSim QuickChoice menu.
See how easy it is to run a simulation with the RespiSim QuickChoice menu (4 minutes)

The RespiSim System for ventilator management training enables hands-on experience with a real ventilator with a virtually infinite number of clinical scenarios – without putting patients at risk.

Watch the video to the right, for an overview of running a live patient simulation scenario, using the QuickChoice Menu in RespiSim.


The RespiSim® Software enhances the use of the ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator as a ventilator management teaching system. The software allows instructors to stay in control of the simulation and gives students the full view of patient-ventilator interaction, from vital signs to x-rays, in structured, multi-stage simulations.

Intended Use

Ventilator management training for neonatal through adult patients.


  • Enables hands-on, immersive training through structured, multi-phase simulation scenarios that engage students in “clinical storytelling.” Students review patient and ventilator data, make treatment decisions, and the patient responds
  • New QuickChoice Menu (SW 3.6) makes it easy to set up a scenario by simply selecting three parameters – patient type, diagnosis, and disease severity
  • Explain the science behind breath patterns with the new New Equation of Motion Screen (SW 3.6)
  • Allows the instructor to have full control of all aspects of multistage simulations through the Instructor Dashboard to ensure that students are challenged and learning goals are met
  • Vital Signs Monitor and Virtual Patient Chart provide patient status, including check x-rays, lab results, and heart and lung sounds
  • Contains powerful debriefing tools enabled by recordings of entire training sessions
  • Reduces instructor prep time with plug-and-play Curriculum Modules prepared in collaboration with leading educators
  • Can be integrated with IngMar Medical’s RespiPatient®  for “theatrical fidelity”
  • Optional Ventilator Interface Kit enables you to view both patient and ventilator data simultaneously on a single screen, making the intricate dynamics of Patient-Ventilator Interaction (PVI) more immediately visible. See how it works.


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