Both the RespiSim® System Pro Package and the ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for SimMan® allow for advanced ventilator management training using a manikin and any real ventilator. If you already own a compatible SimMan, the Lung Solution may be the most cost-effective way of incorporating high-fidelity respiratory simulation into your program.

In fact, since the same ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator can be used in both systems, you can give yourself maximum functionality.

The table below provides a side-by-side comparison of the specifications and features of the two systems. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or (412) 441-8228, ext 129.

RespiSim Pro vs. Lung Solution   
RespiSim Pro PackageASL 5000 Lung Solution
Breathing Features
Resistance3 to 500 cmH₂0/L/s8 to 150 cmH₂0/L/s
Compliance0.5 to 250 mL/cmH₂00.5 to 250 mL/cmH₂0
Breath ratepassive to 150 bpmpassive to 100 bpm
Tidal volume2.7L2.7L
Spontaneous breathingYesYes
Holds PEEP > 20 cmH20YesYes
Define non-linear compliance curvesYesNo
Randomized breath patterns/time-varying parametersYesNo
Save models for repeatabilityYesYes
Simulate forced exhalationYesYes
Program inspiratory holdYesYes
Vary lung parameters during scenarioYesYes
1 compartment lung modelYesYes
2 compartment lung modelYesYes
Suitable for clinical researchYesNo
Manikin Features
Lifelike recoil during compressionsYesYes
Head tilt, jaw thrust, chin liftYesYes
Realistic chest riseYesYes
Bag-mask ventilationYesYes
Unilateral and bilateral chest rise/fallYesYes
Chest tube insertionYesYes
CO2 production (Measurable ETCO2 and waveforms)YesYes
Use with 100% O2YesNo
Orotracheal intubationYesYes
Nasotracheal intubationYesYes
Combitube, LMA, and other airway placementYesYes
Right mainstem intubationYesYes
Tongue edemaYesYes
Identification of tracheal deviationYesNo
Identification of jugular vein distensionYesNo
Surgical cricothyrotomyYesYes
Needle cricothyrotomyYesYes
Needle decompressionYesYes
Right or left tension pneumothoraxYesYes
Percutaneous tracheostomyYesYes
Lung and heart soundsSimulated StethoscopeSound files played through speakers
Suctioning (Oral & Nasopharyngeal)NoYes
Retrograde intubationNoYes
Fiberoptic intubationYesYes
Transtracheal jet ventilationYesYes
Pharyngeal swellingNoYes
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