The RespiSim® System is modular, making it easy to upgrade with additional components as needs and resources expand. You can put together a custom system or you can select one of our packages below. To help you quickly master the power of these tools, all packages include setup support and in-depth training.


This package leverages the power of the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, the ASL 5000™, with a software tool designed to simplify and enhance simulation management. The RespiSim® Software helps you create and run multi-stage ventilation management scenarios which include x-rays, vital signs, ABG values, waveforms, and more! The Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation module is included.


With the addition of the world’s first
respiratory-centered manikin simulator, RespiPatient®, the Pro package provides the highest fidelity training. Learners assess chest rise, lung, heart and bowel sounds, x-rays, ABG values, and waveforms before treating their “patient.” You can even train procedures such as needle decompression, tracheotomy, and chest tube insertion. The Modes of Ventilation (Package of 5) and the Patient-Ventilator Synchrony in the Volume Assist-Control Mode (Package of 4) are included.  RespiPatient folds to an upright position on the mobile cart for easy transport.

Live Distance Training is conducted interactively via web conference.  It has been approved for 6 contact hours Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) credit by the American Association for Respiratory Care.

The Customer-Site Training has been approved for 14 contact hours Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) credit.

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