Do You Experience These Common Challenges?

  • I want to compare different ventilators and ventilator modes on precisely defined, repeatable and realistic patient models.
  • I want to test the effectiveness of noninvasive ventilation (hi-flow nasal cannula, CPAP, BiPAP).
  • I’m unable to extract data with the granularity I need for my research.
  • I want to evaluate ventilator trigger effectiveness.
  • I’m limited by the parameters I can use to create my patient models. I need to be able to choose from a larger set of parameters and they need to be nearly limitless.
  • I’m unable to easily and precisely set patient parameters.
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ASL 5000 - Simulate Any Breath - Without the Patient

Our ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator has established itself as an essential instrument for in vitro research on the performance of respiratory therapy devices such as ventilators, CPAP devices, nebulizers, masks, and aerosol drug delivery devices. This high fidelity breathing simulator is capable of simulating neonatal through adult patients.

See a list of research studies using the ASL 5000.

Use the ASL 5000 to:

  • Investigate aerosol drug deposition
  • Compare ventilator modes (e.g. pressure support mode) on the same “universal patient”
  • Compare set PEEP to delivered PEEP
  • Model an actual patient’s breathing effort in response to the application of various therapies