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ASL 5000 Lung Solution for SimMan FAQs

With this kit, you will be able to integrate the world’s premier breathing simulator, the ASL 5000™, with Laerdal’s SimMan® 3G. This will enable you to simulate a spontaneously breathing patient being supported on a ventilator.

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Q: Which solution is right for me - RespiPatient® or the ASL 5000 Lung Solution for the SimMan platform?

A: It depends. If you already own a Laerdal SimMan® manikin, or need a full body manikin, the Lung Solution allows you to add high-fidelity breathing simulation and use LLEAP (Laerdal Learning Application) software.

RespiPatient is part of the RespiSim® System which is designed specifically for ventilator management training. Over thirty RespiSim comprehensive curriculum modules are available for use with RespiPatient. Oxygen can be used with RespiPatient. You can add options to RespiPatient to enhance training of auscultation, capnography, and pulse oximetry skills. RespiPatient is smaller, easier to store, and easier to transport to wherever it’s best to do your training. Finally, the full RespiSim Pro Package is less expensive than the SimMan + Lung Kit package.

Q: I already have an ASL 5000, do I need to purchase the entire solution?

A: If you already own an ASL 5000, you simply need the Lung Adapter which consists of a kit to connect the ASL 5000 to SimMan, and a plug-in for the LLEAP Software.

Q: Which manikins are compatible with the ASL 5000 Lung Solution?

A: The initial release is compatible with the SimMan 3G platform including SimMan 3G, SimMan Essential, SimMan Essential Bleeding, and SimMan 3G Trauma.

Q: Does the installation of the Lung Adapter void the Laerdal warranty?

A: Laerdal has given approval to modify your SimMan manikin with the Lung Adapter without voiding the standard SimMan warranty.

Q: Do I need to have LLEAP software for my SimMan to use the ASL 5000 Lung Solution?

A: Yes, LLEAP version 6.3 is required for use of the Lung Solution. To upgrade your SimMan, please contact your Laerdal representative.

Q: Is the installation reversible?

A: The installation is reversible. Better yet, you can switch between using SimMan with or without the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator.

Q: How do I buy the ASL 5000 Lung Solution/Adapter?

A: Please contact your Laerdal representative or provide your information to Ingmar Medical who will connect you with your local Laerdal representative.

Q: Can I use anesthetic gases with the system?

A: No.

Q: Can I use the system in an oxygen-rich environment (used with 100% O2)?

A: The SimMan cannot be used in an oxygen-rich environment. Most customers using a mechanical ventilator will turn down the Fi02 setting as far as possible to avoid alarms during this scenario. However, the ASL 5000 can be used in an oxygen-rich environment, so if you wish to use the system in this way, you can connect the ventilator directly to the AS: 5000 (bypassing the SimMan manikin).

Q: Can I connect to the SimMan wirelessly?

A: The ASL 5000 must be hard-wired to the chosen network using an Ethernet cable. The computer running the LLEAP software can be connected wirelessly to that same network.

Q: Do changes in the patient's breath patterns automatically trigger changes in etCO2 and CO2 waveforms?

A: No, the etCO2 and CO2 waveforms are adjusted within the LLEAP Patient Monitor and as they were before the ASL 5000 Lung Solution integration.

Q: Do changes in the patient's breath patterns automatically sync with the patient's chest rise?

A: Yes.

Q: Do changes in the patient's breath patterns automatically sync with the patient monitor respiratory rate?

A: Yes.

Q: Do changes made within the Laerdal Airway/Breather Window (R, C, pneumo, can't ventilate/can't intubate) automatically adjust the ASL 5000's breath patterns?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the volume capacity when using ASL 5000 mode?

A: When connected to the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator, the SimMan has a total volume capacity of – 2.5L (using the Standard ASL 5000).

Q: Can I use PEEP with the ASL 5000 Lung Solution?

A: Yes, any clinically relevant PEEP value can be applied when using the ASL 5000 Lung Solution (>20cmH2O).



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