Respiratory Simulation Specialists


RespiTrainer Basic

Manual Ventilation Task Trainer

Manual ventilation skills, even among seasoned professionals, may be inadequate or cause unintended harm to patients. The RespiTrainer® Basic helps practice correct ventilation 100% of the time by providing continuous feedback on actual delivered rates, pressures and volumes


Performance feedback training system for manual ventilation with adjustable test lung and full face training head


Immediate performance feedback on delivered ventilation helps teach proper technique and enables competency testing

  • Ventilation parameters (volume, flow, and pressure delivery) displayed in real time
  • Training and test modes with data storage and export

Full face training head

  • For mask-bag ventilation
  • Block ventilation when not properly tilted to “sniffing” position
  • Can be used with a variety of third party manikin heads (including infant) according to your training needs
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