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RespiSim System Videos

The RespiSim®  System provides instructors with a comprehensive, multi-media package of materials that describes and demonstrates a concept or scenario within the subject of mechanical ventilation. The videos below demonstrate some of the main components of the system.

Introducing RespiSim System

This video is an overview of the RespiSim System.
Click to view.

Software 3.6 for the RespiSim System

Software 3.6 for the RespiSim System is more intuitive and user friendly than ever before. Selecting and running a simulation is now as easy as 1-2-3! Click to view.

Tension Pneumothorax Demonstration

This video demonstrates a tension pneumothorax training scenario using the RespiSim System. Click to view.

Scenario Concept Presentations

A Scenario Concept Presentation is a full lecture that provides a conceptual understanding of the topic covered in the immersive simulation. Click to view.

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