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RespiSim Specifications

To effectively teach mechanical ventilation you need ventilator-grade lungs. RespiPatient® is the first and only manikin available worldwide that meets this criteria. Designed specifically for ventilator management training, its innovative design allows you to simulate almost any respiratory scenario, including a patient whose condition changes over time.

High Fidelity Lungs

The world-renowned ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator™, valued by respiratory educators and ventilator manufacturers for its precision and versatility, provides the respiratory system for RespiPatient.

  • Tidal Volume 2.7 L
  • Resistance 3 to 500 cmH₂0/L/s (intervals of .1)
  • Compliance 0.5 to 1000 mL/cmH₂0
  • Ventilator-grade spontaneous breathing (passive to 150 bpm)
  • Holds PEEP from 0 to > 20 cmH₂0
  • Patient Effort 0 to -100 cmH20
  • Non-linear compliance/inflection points
  • Lung parameters can be changed during scenario remotely
  • Forced exhalation/cough
  • Independent inspiratory and expiratory resistances
  • Real-time display of waveforms and graphics
  • Patient scenarios can be saved for repeatability
  • Record 100+ parameters for debriefing
  • Import and replay data from actual patients
  • Simulate scenarios where patient conditions change over time
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Respiratory-Centered Manikin

Based on the award winning TruCorp Truman Trauma, RespiPatient’s compact torso is easy to transport and to store. It is ideal for training in:

Airway Management:

  • Head tilt, jaw thrust, chin lift
  • Anatomically accurate oral and naso pharyngeal airway
  • Larynx piece with palpable rings for both surgical and needle cricothyroidotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Full use of supraglottic devices
  • Endo-tracheal tube insertion with direct laryngoscopy
  • Effective bag mask ventilation
  • Single lung isolation capabilities
  • Combi tube insertion
  • Naso gastric tube insertion techniques
  • Chest rise synchronized with breathing patterns

Chest tube insertion: recognition of correct position, surgical incision, blunt dissection through chest wall, perforation of pleura, and finger sweep:

  • Anatomically accurate chest tube insertion in the 5th intercostal space
  • Realistic feel of all thoracic palpable landmarks
  • Cavity for introduction of optional liquids for simulation of hemothorax or pleural effusion

Needle Decompression of tension pneumothorax:

  • Option to introduce air to create either right or left tension pneumothorax
  • Needle decompression replacement tissue sets located in 2nd intercostal space at mid-clavicular line
  • Successful needle insertion releases air with the familiar “hiss” sound
  • Durable replacement tissue facilitates up to 30+ needle incisions

Identification of tracheal deviation and jugular vein distension:

  • Jugular vein distension can be observed on either the left or right side of the neck during tension pneumothorax
  • Tracheal deviation can be palpated and clearly visible moving away from the side that has tension pneumothorax
  • Both features revert back to neutral upon successful needle decompression

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

  • Realistic chest structure allows for easy identification of all anatomical landmarks
  • Full head tilt, chin lift, and jaw thrust capabilities to allow the students to prepare the airway prior to resuscitation
  • Lifelike recoil during compressions
  • Successful ventilation will provide an accurate representation of chest rise and fall

 Transport Case (Pelican 1730)

  • Crushproof and watertight protection for shipping and transport
  • Cloth carrying case insert can be removed and used separately when less protection is needed

RespiScope™ Advanced Auscultation Option 

  • Dedicated WiFi Stethoscope
  • Lung, heart, and bowel sound files played directly from stethoscope into earpieces, eliminating stray noise from the inner workings of the manikin
  • Learner must place stethoscope in correct anatomical location to trigger sound file
  • Instructor can inobtrusively control sounds from computer interface
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OxSim® Option for Pulse Oximetry

Mobile Cart Option

  • Conduct your training where you need it.
  • Creates a compact format for storage and transport
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RespiSim® Software - A New Paradigm for Training

RespiSim Software allows instructors stay in control of the simulation. You can amplify effects, throw students a curveball, or get the simulation back on track to ensure that learning goals are met.

Vital Signs Monitor and Virtual Patient Chart

  • EKG waveform
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • End-tidal CO2
  • Chest x-rays
  • Lab results
  • Heart and lung sounds
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • End-tidal CO2
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User Training

  • Educational packages include two day on-site training customized to your needs
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