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Scenario Concept Presentations

In order to make the most of simulation training, your students should have a comprehensive understanding of the topic before they enter the lab.

Each RespiSim® Curriculum Module is accompanied by a Scenario Concept Presentation (SCP). The SCP is a full lecture that provides a conceptual understanding of the topic covered in the immersive simulation. Each SCP is developed by a leading educator. This information will ensure your students are prepared to meet the learning objectives of the immersive simulation to follow.

“The Scenario Concept Presentations save instructor prep time, but they can also have great value in gaining hands-on training time by efficiently delivering the necessary knowledge outside of the classroom.”

Eric Kriner, Medstar Washington Hospital Center

The slide presentation is in a movie format (mp4) and has a full voice-over for self-study. It may used as a stand-alone or placed into a learning management system (LMS) along with additional questions to help qualify students for the simulation.

The video below features an excerpt from our presentation on Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation.

Scenario Concept Presentations

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