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NBRC Clinical Simulation Examination

The NBRC Clinical Simulation Examination is intended to dig deep into competencies related to specific patient cases.

This RespiSim® module intends to go beyond basic memorizing and understanding of concepts trained in an online exam review. By utilizing hands-on simulation, the goal is to advance learning to higher skills of applying, analyzing and evaluating – the level of skill required for safe and effective patient care. The hands-on simulation also addresses the affective and psychomotor domains of learning.

The simulations will guide instructors and learners through a hands-on experience using the elements of the detailed content outline provided by the NBRC.

Authors: Eric Kriner and Amanda Dexter

Intended Learners: Advanced Students of Respiratory Therapy

These RespiSim clinical simulations are built around NBRC’s detailed content outline and the following problem types identified by the NBRC:

  • COPD (conservative and critical care management)
  • Adult trauma
  • Adult cardiovascular
  • Adult neurological or neuromuscular
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • Adult medical or surgical
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