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Modes of Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving treatment modality for critically ill patients. Learners need to be able to master the art of mechanical ventilation and truly understand the operation of the instrument before they can be considered prepared to orchestrate patient care.

External collaborator: Eric Kriner 

Intended Learners: Intro to Mechanical Ventilation Students

This series of five RespiSim® bench simulations takes learners beyond theoretical understanding to hands-on learning about what happens to the patient (the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator) when they make certain ventilator setting changes.

In addition to the standard Instructor Guide, this series also includes a compendium of student worksheets. This series thoroughly prepares learners to understand the effects on ventilator parameters in various modes of ventilation. It is an excellent way to solidify theoretical knowledge before advancing to more complex clinical simulations or training.

Package of Five Simulations: 

  • Continuous Mandatory Ventilation: Volume Control (Set flow)
  • Continuous Mandatory Ventilation: Volume Control (Set inspiratory time)
  • Continuous Mandatory Ventilation: Pressure Control (PIP above PEEP)
  • Continuous Mandatory Ventilation: Volume-targeted Pressure Control
  • Continuous Spontaneous Ventilation: Pressure Support

Scenario Concept Presentation (52 minutes)

  • Types of breaths (mandatory vs. spontaneous)
  • Phases of the breath
  • Examination of modes of ventilation relative to phases of the breath
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