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RespiSim Options

The RespiSim® System is modular, making it easy to upgrade with additional components as your program needs and resources expand.

You can put together a custom system with the options below or you can pick from three RespiSim packages  – Essential, Plus, and Pro.

ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for Laerdal SimMan

Integrate the world’s premier breathing simulator, the ASL 5000™, with the SimMan® Platform. Then you can use your SimMan 3G to conduct high-fidelity ventilation management training in anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, pulmonology, and respiratory care. Learn more.

Mobile Cart


Take your training station from the simulation center to the ICU where you can rehearse using real patient data.

Components of the RespiSim System are mounted on a mobile cart to create a compact, highly efficient workstation – perfect for in-situ training.  You can add a 16″ monitor to allow learners to view vital signs and x-rays without seeing the instructor’s controls. The instructor controls the simulation with a separate touchscreen monitor.

Ventilator Interface Kit

The VIK offers the ability to integrate the actual ventilator parameters (modes, alarm limits, alarms occurred) and display them on the same screen as the patient data. The VIK  allows you to compare what the ventilator says is being delivered and what the patient is actually getting, a topic of special interest in neonatal ventilation. Click here to learn more about the Ventilator Interface Kit.

OxSim® For Pulse Oximetry

This device simulates the patient response settings for Oxygen saturation (SpO2) that then can serve as a ventilator input for a ventilator’s control and monitoring strategy. Click here to learn more about OxSim for pulse oximetry.

Options for RespiPatient® Manikin

RespiScope® Advanced Auscultation Option


The Respiscope® Auscultation Option enables students to master auscultation skills critical for diagnosis.

Enables realistic practice and mastery of auscultation skills critical for diagnosis. Lung, heart, and bowel sounds are provided.

The learner must place the dedicated WiFi stethoscope in the correct anatomical location on RespiPatient to trigger the sound file. The sound file is played directly from the stethoscope into the earpieces, creating a very realistic sound quality. This design is an improvement over manikins where the sound comes from speakers embedded in the manikin as the speakers can pick up noise from the mechanics of the manikin.

The instructor has the ability to change the sounds and conditions of RespiPatient on the instructor computer in a way not obvious to learners, thereby maintaining the realism of the simulation.

RespiPatient CO2 Kit

Enables RespiPatient® to exhale real CO2 and generate life-like waveforms from a real capnography monitor for your students to analyze.

The CO2 Kit is controlled from the RespiSim software. Using CO2 tanks (not included), a ventilator, and a real capnography monitor, RespiPatient is able to generate life-like capnographic waveforms for your students to analyze. Eighteen patient disease states from the ASL 5000 Patient Library, including adult and pediatric examples, have been validated with the CO2 Kit. Included in those 18 patient disease states are: Apnea, ARDS, COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, ChBronchitis, Emphysema, Kussmauls, as well as pediatric asthma and normal (5 year old and 6-12 year old).

For detailed information about the CO2 Kit for RespiPatient and to view a full list of patient disease models, click here.


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