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Parabolic Resistor Ring

A complete set always at your fingertips – never search for a missing resistor again!
Parabolic Resistor Ring

Parabolic Resistor Ring


A  set of 7 switch-selectable calibrated respiratory resistance orifices (Rp5-Rp500) integrated into a 4″ diameter ring.

Intended Use

Ventilator testing to ISO 10651 and ASTM F1100

Simulation, respiratory education


  • Precision laser-cut orifices 
Rp5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500
  • No need to disconnect tubing to change resistances
  • Individual resistors cannot be misplaced
  • Calibration certificate available for standards testing


Download Parabolic Resistor Ring Brochure

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