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NeoLung – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the NeoLung® to demonstrate high-frequency ventilation?
A: Yes. The NeoLung provides a very strong visual impression and is thus a good tool for demonstrating high-frequency ventilation.

Q: How do I simulate over-distention?
A: The NeoLung comes equipped with two over-distension brackets which limit the expansion of the bellows. Because there are two brackets, you can simulate two levels of over-distension.

Q: What ventilators are compatible with the NeoLung?
A: You can use the Neolung with any ventilator you would use on a neonatal patient. You connect the lung via an ET-tube, just as you would a real patient.

Q: How can I clean/disinfect a NeoLung?
A: The NeoLung would not get contaminated in normal use and would only need a wipe-down with a damp cloth. However, you can bath-disinfect the NeoLung using any commercially available disinfectant that is rated compatible with the more sensitive plastic materials: Lexan, Acetal, Copolyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl/Urethane Elastomer. Heat is not recommended (no autoclave).

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