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NeoLung Neonatal Demonstration Lung

Infant and especially neonate ventilation have always been a special challenge because of the delicate patients and tiny lungs that you must manage. The added dimension of waveform graphics and new approaches to ventilator management make hands-on instruction critical.
Enhance the care of your tiniest patients with this unique tool.

Develop a deeper understanding of your tiniest patients with this unique tool.


The NeoLung® is a versatile, hands-on test lung to simulate neonate and infant patients in a very intuitive, visual fashion. Variable compliance, resistance, leak settings, and overdistension threshold can be quickly changed for simulating a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Intended Use

“Hands-on” ventilator training and demonstration with no risk to patients


  • Easy setup: simply hook it up to a ventilator and begin hands-on ventilator instruction
  • Create realistic clinical scenarios with quick adjustments to compliance, resistance, leaks, and volume, simulate conditions such as stacked breaths, overdistention, “stiff” lungs, and leaks
  • Enhance instruction on ventilator graphics
  • Simulate the impact of leaks on tidal and minute ventilation, as well as on flow-sensing triggers
  • Demonstrate high-frequency ventilation

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