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Linear Test Lung

Impressive Performance and Impressive Value



Impressive performance and impressive value

The Linear Test Lung (LTL) is a portable test lung that produces a linear compliance curve and realistic inflection points throughout a range of settings.  It performs more like a real patient than other bag-style lungs, maintaining a smooth response to progressive inflation, without any “hiccups” due to bulging-out of the bag.

Intended Use

Ventilator testing and in-service training, respiratory care education.


  • Priced significantly below similar bag-style test lungs, while providing a high level of performance


    Unique design prevents Linear Test Lung from “popping” and distorting compliance curve

  • Easy set-up
  • Compliance 10, 30, 60 mL H2O (approx.)
  • Tidal volume 1.0 L (max)
  • Resistance 20 cm H2O/L/s
  • Autoclavable at 120˚ C

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