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QuickLung Breather

Supporting the efforts of the spontaneously breathing patient is critical in mechanical ventilation. New ventilator modes continually strive to perfect the interaction with the patient. Training to fully utilize these modes requires simulating spontaneous breathing.

Beyond a mere trigger, the QuickLung Breather creates advanced spontaneous breathing previously available only on higher end simulators.

In the past, this feature has been found only in higher end breathing simulators. Now the QuickLung® Breather provides a sophisticated tool to effectively represent a spontaneously breathing patient, at an affordable price!


Based on the IngMar Medical QuickLung or QuickLung Jr., the QuickLung Breather simulates the spontaneously breathing patient in a variety of modes and patterns.

Intended Use

The QuickLung Breather system opens up new opportunities to demonstrate ventilator triggering and important modes of ventilation such as SIMV, Pressure Support and PAV.

Breathing Modes: Eupnea, Cheyne-Stokes, Biot's, Kussmaul or Apneusis

Breathing Modes: Eupnea, Cheyne-Stokes, Biot’s, Kussmaul or Apneusis


  • Quickly create a patient scenario:
    • Select a breathing mode (Eupnea, Cheyne-Stokes, Biot’s, Kussmaul or Apneusis)
    • Customize parameters (breath rate, volume, I:E ratio)
  • Compact and portable with a footprint smaller than a legal pad
  • Pediatric to adult tidal volumes
  • Easy setup: No external gas source required
  • Upgrade your existing QuickLung in seconds. The QuickLung can be easily mounted and detached from the Breather for maximum versatility.
  • Cost-effective: No other test lung performs with this level of precision and versatility at this price!
QuickLung Breather

Easily Retrofit & Upgrade Your QuickLung to a QuickLung Breather

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