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What’s New in Software 3.6 for Engineers

The world’s most advanced system for respiratory simulation, the ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator, just got even better.
  • Analog Output Signals: A variety of internal signals can be converted to analog output signals for engineering and research.
  • Volume conditions: In previous versions of the software, all data was recorded as “As_Measured.” In Software
    Software 3.6 for the ASL 5000 is more intuitive and user friendly than ever before.

    Software 3.6 for the ASL 5000 is more intuitive and user friendly than ever before.

    3.6, the user can now select a volume conversion before starting the simulation and the data will be recorded in the selected condition. For example, set BTPS before starting the simulation and data will remain in that format.

  • TAI (Test Automation Interface) Improvements and Added Features: In Software 3.6, we added the ability to offload raw versus processed individual waveforms that can be easily dropped into Excel or other analysis tools. In addition, the piston position can now be configured within the TAI environment.
  • Parameters: You can change parameters, such as resistance and compliance, over time using the new “Steps Per Change” feature. Previously, the parameter change could only happen immediately.
  • Patient Models: Models are now protected to prevent the running of incorrect models. The user has to rename the patient model files in order to make changes.


The RespiSim® Software provides an interface designed specifically for educators to use the ASL 5000 for ventilator management training. The software greatly simplifies simulation management and gives students the full view of patient-ventilator interaction, from vital signs to x-rays, in structured, multi-stage simulations. Click here to view what’s new in RespiSim software 3.6 for educators.

Software 3.6 is Here!

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