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ASL 5000 Options for Engineers

Educators please see our ASL 5000™ Upgrade Options for Educators.

Simulator Bypass and Leak Valve Module (SBLVM)

Sets three levels of leaks. Also switches between simulator and external breathing bag when no simulation is running to avoid alarming ventilator.

Fast Oxygen Module (FOM)

For comprehensive ventilator evaluation. Delivers reading almost instantaneously from a highly accurate paramagnetic oxygen sensor, an important advantage for the implementation of efficient test procedures.

Simulator Bypass and Leak Valve Module (SBLMV)

Cylinder Temperature Controller Module (CTC)

Allows you to set the wall temperature of the ASL 5000 to a value representing physiological conditions.

Auxiliary Gas Exchange Cylinder (AGEC)

Bag-in-bottle accessory for use of ASL 5000 with aggressive chemicals.

PreemieLung™ Option

Add-on cylinder kit for the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator for specialized applications requiring increased accuracy at low volumes. The standard ASL 5000 is normally adequate for simulating neonatal patients.

ASL 5000 XL

Larger cylinder extends total volume from 3.1 L to 6 .9 L 
(max 6 L tidal volume).

Carrying Case

Hard shell case protects the device during shipping and air transport.

Mobile Cart

Efficiently organizes all components of your ASL 5000 system such as laptop and flat panel display. Components sold separately.

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