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ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator Software Videos

The ASL 5000™ is a software-controlled high fidelity breathing simulator which allows you to craft realistic respiratory scenarios from neonatal to adult patients. The videos below demonstrate some of these unique capabilities.

Test Automation for Engineers

Answering the needs of our customers working in respiratory device development and manufacturing, IngMar Medical has developed the Test Automation Interface (TAI). The TAI enables users to integrate the ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator into their proprietary systems for automated device testing. See how it works.

What’s New in Software 3.6

Get started with your simulation in three easy steps with the new QuickChoice Menu. Users can pick from a library of patients and start right away. See how it works.

Selecting a Patient Scenario

Quickly access and launch patient scenarios. Fifteen pre-configured scenarios are provided to get you started, but you can build and store your own, too. See how it works.

Post-Run Analysis

An extensive data analysis package captures 90+ respiratory parameters for hours of trending and review, as well as flow, pressure, and volume waveforms. Easily export all captured data to ASCII (Excel-readable) formats. See how it works.

Simulating a Cough

Meet the full spectrum of breathing simulation challenges, including coughs, apnea, active breathing, and more. In this video, we simulate a cough. See how it works.

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