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Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung – FAQ

Q: Can the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung be used for ventilator testing?
A:  For ventilator performance verification we recommend our QuickLung, which is available in both a standard and calibrated version.

Q: How does the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung compare to the QuickLung®?
A: The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung and our QuickLung and are both built on a mechanical system using bellows, springs, and orifices.

  • The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung has two bellows which allow you to demonstrate compartmentalized lung problems. You can combine two QuickLungs and achieve a similar effect.
  • The Demo Lung has three pressure gauges showing differences between airway and lung compartment pressures.
  • The Demo Lung was designed for demonstration purposes; the QuickLung can be used for both testing and training.
  • The QuickLung is more precise, cost-effective, and compact than the Demo Lung. It can even be suspended from a ventilator.
  • The QuickLung forms the core of a system that can be expanded with options for spontaneous breathing, pulmonary mechanics graphics, pediatric simulation as well as manual ventilation and intubation training.

When more realistic and accurate breathing simulation is needed, we recommend our ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator.


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