With RespiTrainer® Infant, you get the essential features of a high-end respiratory manikin plus true ventilation data – at a fraction of the cost. Easy set-up for both instructor and student, so you can start training and testing without delay.


Skills trainer for teaching and assessing basic and advanced airway skills, as well as bag-valve-mask ventilation.

Intended Use

EMS, nursing, and respiratory care training, education and competency testing

  • Bag-valve-mask (BVM) ventilation and head positioning
  • LMA and endotracheal intubation
  • Use of full range of supraglottic devices
  • Video and standard laryngoscopy
  • Tracheal & naso-tracheal intubation

Teach Proper Technique

Real-time feedback on delivered flows, pressures, volumes, etc.


Evaluate BVM Competence

Training and test modes with data storage and export capabilities

Feel the Difference

Simulate an infant with a high resistance/low compliance

Anatomically Realistic Head

  • Neck articulation allows you to teach correct positioning
  • Realistic anatomy of the tongue, oropharynx, epiglottis, larynx, vocal chords, and trachea
  • Ideal for practicing oral and nasal intubation, as well as LMA, and bag-valve- mask ventilation

Teach Technique and Test Competency

  • Display ventilation parameters (volume, flow, and pressure delivery) in real time for accurate participant feedback
  • Train learners to pay attention to chest rise as important feedback
  • Expose learners to a wide range of critical real-life scenarios by adjusting lung compliance and resistance
Photos & Videos
Compliance settings1, 2, 3, or 4 mL/cmH2O (approx)
Resistance settings100-350 cm H2O /L/s at 10 L/s flow (approx)
Tidal volume25, 50 cm3
Leak settings15, 30, 45%
Overdistention limit (VTMax)10, 20 cm3
How can I test my students using the RespiTrainer Infant Airway Management and Manual Ventilation Trainer?

The RespiTrainer software displays and captures individual student data such as breath rate, minute ventilation, tidal volume, and peak pressures on a breath by breath basis. This data can be used with our analysis tool for baseline performance evaluation and subsequent training.

What is the RespiTrainer Infant intended to teach?

The RespiTrainer Infant was designed to train mechanical ventilation skills by providing realtime feedback on ventilating patients with different lung conditions. Learners can feel the difference between patients and get feedback on how much ventilation they are delivering. That is RespiTrainer’s unique value. The highly realistic airway makes it an excellent tool for training intubation and airway management as well.

Can RespiTrainer Infant be used with a ventilator?

Yes, RespiTrainer Infant can be connected to any ventilator just as you would a patient, either via an ET-tube or a mask. Thus you can train the whole process from manual ventilation, to intubation, to mechanical ventilation.

Can the RespiTrainer Infant breathe spontaneously?

A ventilator trigger can be simulated by pulling down on the bellows. For true spontaneous breathing, we recommend our RespiSim System, which can simulate patients from neonatal to adult.

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