RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software

Transform the way you deliver mechanical ventilation training – from anywhere, to anyone! Harness the power of cutting-edge waveform analysis and intuitive patient-ventilator interaction, tailored for remote or in-person audiences. Driven by the globally recognized and respected ASL 5000® lung modeling technology, our Virtual Ventilator presents a lifelike experience of ventilation training, sparing you the inconvenience and expense of traditional high-fidelity simulators.

For existing RespiSim Users, please reach out to our Product Specialists at sales@ingmarmed.com to explore your options for upgrading to the Virtual Ventilator.

The benefits of our RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software?

  • Powered by the world-renowned ASL 5000® lung-modeling technology within the RespiSim® Software
  • Demonstrate waveform analysis and the fundamentals of patient-ventilator interaction for a live remote or in-person audience
  • Instructors can lead Virtual Ventilator simulations, encouraging learners to observe and recommend changes
  • Learners can interact with the Virtual Ventilator during self-study to visualize the concepts they’ve learned before putting their skills to the test on a real ventilator
  • Choose from a library of 25+ adult lung models (e.g. ARDS, COPD, etc.) or create your own!
  • That lung model will interact realistically with our Virtual Ventilator software interface
  • Make live changes to the ventilator settings to demonstrate the impact of those changes on the waveforms and ventilator data (e.g. PIP, Vt, etc.)

Hardware is not included with the purchase of the RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software.

You can purchase devices used to run the software from our Online Store. Recommended PC specifications and additional information about the devices available for purchase can be found in the Specifications section below.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Cutting Edge Technology

  • Deliver highly effective mechanical ventilation training in a remote environment
  • Strengthen understanding of key concepts in mechanical ventilation before the simulation lab
  • Impact the next generation of healthcare professionals with fundamental ventilation training


You will need a Windows 10 or 11 PC to run the RespiSim® Software. Current RespiSim® Software users can continue to use the same PC they use to run the RespiSim® Software.

The RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software and Patient Monitor Software applications are compatible with a Windows PC (recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080).

Tip: Consider giving yourself multiple screens for the instructor to control the patient’s condition on one screen while displaying the Virtual Ventilator and/or Patient Monitor for the learner separately.

The RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software includes
  • RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator
  • RespiSim® Patient Monitor application for displaying vitals, lab results, x-rays and ABG values
  • RespiSim® Software used by instructor to control patient settings
  • Preconfigured RespiSim® Scenarios
  • Software Updates i.e., minor enhancements and substitutions to Software, including corrections and bug fixes are provided to licensees at no additional fee, if available.
Equipment Set-up Option #1
  • One PC is used to run both the main RespiSim® Software user interface as well as the Virtual Ventilator application. You can purchase a Windows Laptop or Windows Tablet from our Online Store for this purpose.
  • Instructor controls patient settings from main RespiSim® Software user interface
  • Extended display allows instructor to show the Virtual Ventilator and/or Patient Monitor windows to a group of learners (in person or virtually)
  • No router or network connection necessary
Equipment Set-up Option #2
  • One PC is used by instructor to control patient settings via the main RespiSim® Software user interface. You can purchase a Windows Laptop or Windows Tablet from our Online Store for this purpose.
  • One or more PCs are used separately by learners to control the Virtual Ventilator application
  • All devices must be on the same network
  • Click here to purchase a Router from our Online Store, or you can use your own network.

Recommended Wireless Router Requirements:

  • Minimum WIFI-5
  • Dual band
  • Universal power supply

Optional: Patient Monitor application can be running on either instructor or learner PCs

PC System Requirements if using your own devices
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
  • Memory: 4 GB for RAM Required, 8 GB RAM Recommended
  • File System: NTFS or ReFS (other file systems, such as FAT32, are unsupported)
  • Disk Space: Minimum of 10 BG
  • Processor Speed:  Clock speed of 2 GHz or more; 1.4 GHz minimum
  • Processor Cores:  2 Cores (Virtual or Physical)
  • Processor Type:  64-bit x64-compatible AMD or Intel CPU only
  • i5 processor
In which ways can I use the Virtual Ventilator to teach my learners the fundamental ventilation concepts?

Discover various ways we recommend reviewing our Use Case Resource here





The Virtual Ventilator is also part of our new RespiSim eLearning subscription which includes e-learning courses developed by Cleveland Clinic. Click here to learn more.