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Fundamental Ventilation Training

RespiSim® eLearning is designed to strengthen learners’ understanding of key mechanical ventilation concepts while paving the way for more effective simulation outcomes, and ultimately better patient care.

  • RespiSim® Learning Management System (LMS)
  • RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software
    • Available to be purchased separately. Click here to learn more.

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RespiSim® Learning Management System (LMS)

Enable learners with self-guided, e-learning content concentrating on high quality mechanical ventilation training. Get started with the acclaimed Standardized Education for Ventilatory Assistance (SEVA™) Curriculum, developed by the Cleveland Clinic.


RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software

Provide mechanical ventilation training in any environment! Demonstrate waveform analysis and the fundamentals of patient-ventilator interaction for a remote or in-person audience. Powered by the world-renowned ASL 5000 lung modeling technology, the Virtual Ventilator allows for true-to-life ventilation training without the hassle of hardware.

RespiSim® Learning Management System (LMS)
  • View entire Course Catalog here
  • Grants you access to self guided e-learning courses concentrating on high quality mechanical ventilation content
  • Includes acclaimed Standardized Education for Ventilatory Assistance (SEVA™) Curriculum, developed by the Cleveland Clinic – Learn More
  • Use the e-learning courses available through the LMS as an adjunct to your curriculum, primarily encouraging learners to complete the courses outside of class and/ or as a supplement to classroom instruction
  • Learners can complete the self-guided e-learning courses to strengthen understanding of key concepts in mechanical ventilation
  • Access a User Forum that promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing between groups of both instructors and learners
RespiSim® Virtual Ventilator Software
  • Powered by the world-renowned ASL 5000 lung-modeling technology within the RespiSim Software
  • Reinforce and supplement the learning from your own curriculum and/or the e-learning from the RespiSim LMS
  • Demonstrate waveform analysis and the fundamentals of patient-ventilator interaction for a live remote or in-person audience
  • Instructors can lead Virtual Ventilator simulations, encouraging learners to observe and recommend changes
  • Learners can interact with the Virtual Ventilator during self-study to visualize the concepts they’ve learned before putting their skills to the test on a real ventilator
  • Choose from a library of 25+ adult lung models (e.g. ARDS, COPD, etc.) or create your own!
  • That lung model will interact realistically with our Virtual Ventilator software interface
  • Make live changes to the ventilator settings to demonstrate the impact of those changes on the waveforms and ventilator data (e.g. PIP, Vt, etc.)
As an instructor, what options do I have for using RespiSim eLearning with my learners?

Please review this RespiSim eLearning Use Cases resource to learn more.

Is hardware included or purchased separately? What equipment do I need?

Hardware is not included and can be purchased separately via the IngMar Medical Online Store. Contact to request the minimum specifications should you want to purchase hardware elsewhere.

You will need a Windows 10 or 11 PC to run the RespiSim Software. Current RespiSim Software users can continue to use the same PC they use to run the RespiSim Software.

The RespiSim Virtual Ventilator and Patient Monitor Software applications are compatible with either a Windows PC or any Android device with a recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Consider giving yourself multiple screens to control the patient condition and share the interactions. For example, control the patient via RespiSim Software on the PC. Share the patient-ventilator interactions via the Virtual Ventilator on one external display and the associated vitals via the Patient Monitor on another.​ 

IngMar Medical’s suggested hardware to maximize ease of use when viewing and sharing content:

  • 1 PC to run RespiSim LMS and RespiSim Software (internet connection required for RespiSim LMS)
  • 1 PC/ Android device for each instance of the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator
  • 1 PC/ Android device for each instance of the RespiSim Patient Monitor
  • 1 Router for connecting multiple devices to one shared network
  • Cables/ cords needed for extending to other displays
Do I need to own the RespiSim Software (4.0 or higher) in order to subscribe and make use of the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator?

No. While RespiSim Software is required to run the lung model which interacts with the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator, it is made available to RespiSim eLearning subscribers at no additional cost. In other words, you will be able to download the RespiSim Software which includes the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator as soon as you’ve become a RespiSim eLearning subscriber.


Is there a benefit of subscribing to RespiSim eLearning if I already own an ASL 5000 / RespiSim?

Yes! RespiSim eLearning is designed to strengthen learners’ understanding of key mechanical ventilation concepts while paving the way for more effective simulation outcomes, and ultimately better patient care. We believe that the e-learning content and the fundamental patient-ventilator interactions that can be demonstrated on the Virtual Ventilator will better prepare learners for time spent in the simulation lab with the ASL 5000 and a real ventilator. Additionally, instructors will be able to seamlessly transition for the Virtual Ventilator simulations to the “real” simulations since they will be using the same RespiSim Software platform as a basis for the lung models and scenarios.

What does the RespiSim LMS offer instructors regarding learner enrollments, progress, scores, etc?

Each user gets their own certificates of completion. As the instructor, you can queue your learners to send them to you. We will also send out a report to the main contact once per quarter.

Is there a difference between the instructor side of RespiSim LMS and the learner side of RespiSim LMS?

Instructors have access to an instructor-only User Forum. Instructors can discuss educational topics and share scenarios.

Is the RespiSim LMS content only available in English?

At this time, yes.


Can you run IngMar Medical RespiSim Scenarios with the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator?

Yes, they are compatible, but not validated. The ventilator used to create each scenario is specified, and may require some customization to see the interactions you’d expect.

What modes of ventilation can I run?

AC volume, AC pressure and Pressure Support

Which real-life ventilator functionalities can the Virtual Ventilator do?

RespiSim Virtual Ventilator is built to mimic the use of a real ventilator on a real patient. The interactions are powered by the technology that drives the ASL 5000. When using RespiSim Virtual Ventilator, users should expect to see the same interactions as they would on a real ventilator. This included waveform analysis, analysis of live data and access to 3 basic modes of ventilation. Plateau, Inspiratory hold, Expiratory hold, AutoPEEP and Loops will also be available in a future release.


Which ventilator does RespiSim Virtual Ventilator most closely resemble?

RespiSim Virtual Ventilator is not built to resemble any specific ventilator brand at this time. Rather, we designed a foundational ventilator with “basic” settings to allow learners to see how a ventilator functions in a virtual environment. Ventilators like the Draeger V300, which show both the i-time and the flow in AC/VC, show similar settings. We validated all ventilator interactions with an ASL 5000 and the Bellavista to ensure RespiSim Virtual Ventilator acted as a real ventilator should.

Can I use the RespiSim Virtual Ventilator with all patient populations?

Any lung model can be run, but only the adult patient-ventilator interactions are currently validated. 25+ validated adult patient models are available.

What resources are available to help me get started with RespiSim eLearning?

RespiSim LMS includes required tutorial courses on how to use navigate the LMS as well as how to use RespiSim Software and Virtual Ventilator. We also offer Consultation Hours with our Clinical Educators for users who would like more guidance on building simulations. Contact to learn more.

Is this cloud-based or does it take up space on the devices?

Within this first iteration, you are required to download RespiSim Software onto a local PC to run the Virtual Ventilator Software application. We are working towards making this a cloud-based option in the future.

Will I lose my work if I let my subscription lapse?

All progress within RespiSim LMS will be saved. As long as RespiSim Software is not uninstalled from your PC, your customized lung models/ scenarios will also be saved.

Do I need an internet connection to access the components of the subscription?

The RespiSim Learning Management System is a browser-based platform and does require internet access. The RespiSim Virutal Ventilator Software does not require an internet connection; you can run RespiSim Software including the Virtual Ventilator and Patient Monitor from one device without a network connection. To run multiple devices, you’ll need a network connection (i.e. ad hoc network or internet connection).

Can I make adjustments to my roster?

Yes! We do ask that you please keep roster adjustments to a maximum of once per semester, but please contact us at to add/ remove/ swap users. If you surpass your number of allowable users, you will need to upgrade your subscription to the next level. We would prorate the purchase price for partial years.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Cutting Edge Technology


  • Deliver highly effective mechanical ventilation training in a remote environment
  • Easily add best-in-class e-learning content to your existing curriculum
  • Strengthen understanding of key concepts in mechanical ventilation before the simulation lab
  • Impact the next generation of healthcare professionals with fundamental ventilation training

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