QuickLung® is an adjustable, precision test lung for ventilator testing and training. It is compact, easy-to-use, and capable of simulating a wide range of patient conditions, including patient inspiratory efforts. You can use QuickLung alone, or customize according to your needs by adding options such as active breathing, graphics, intubation, and more.

Intended Use

  • Ventilator performance verification: combine with any flow/volume/ pressure analyzer for a complete ventilator testing system
  • In-service training and sales demonstration
  • Basic mechanical ventilation training
  • Compatible with all ventilators, from ICU to transport

Impressive Performance

Accurate and versatile

Bellow-style test lung provides more linear and predictable respiratory simulation than a bladder-style test lung.


No external gas source required.

Simple manual adjustment of resistance, compliance, and leaks.


No other test lung performs at this level of precision and versatility at this price.

  • Compact 7.5” x 11” footprint. Works accurately from a table or suspended from a ventilator.
  • Ventilator triggering: Detachable QuickTrigger® feature simulates a physiologically-correct inspiratory effort (negative pressure).
  • Regulatory compliance: Easily adjustable parabolic resistance and compliance settings correspond to IEC 60601-212 ventilator performance standards.
  • Versatile: QuickLung is the core of a modular system with options for a variety of applications.
Photos & Videos

QuickLung forms the core of a modular system that you can customize according to your needs.

QuickLung Breather*

Simulates a spontaneously breathing patient in a variety of modes and patterns. Learn more.

Dual QuickLung*

Show compartmentalized lung problems (different compliances, resistances, and leaks) by connecting two QuickLungs.


*Not available for online purchase, please contact us.

Calibrated QuickLung*

The standard QuickLung meets the need of most of our customers, but we do offer a calibrated version. If you would like more information about the calibrated QuickLung, please call us at (800) 583-9910, ext. 133 or request information.

QuickLung is a passive, one-compartment test lung

Compliance settings50, 20, 10 mL/cm H2O
Resistance settings5, 20, 50 cm H2O /L/s
Tidal volumeUp to 1.2 L
Dimensions7.3” x 10.9” x 2.3”
185 x 277 x 58 mm
Weight3.5 lbs. / 1.6 kg
Carrying bagBlue
QuickTrigger tidal volumeMax. 200 – 250 mL

Calibrated QuickLung

The Calibrated QuickLung includes a certificate with a stated level of accuracy for both resistance and compliance settings while the standard QuickLung does not include such a certificate. The stated accuracy for the Calibrated QuickLung is +/- 10% for Compliance and +/- 20% for Resistance. The standard QuickLung accuracy is approximately +/- 20% for Compliance, and for this configuration, the accuracy of the Resistance is not validated or specified.

If you would like more information about the calibrated QuickLung, please call us at (800) 583-9910 or request information.

QuickLung Brochure

Q: What is the volume of the QuickLung - Adult Model?

A: 1.2 L

Q: Can I use two QuickLungs to simulate left and right lungs?

A: Yes. They can be T’d together in parallel to demonstrate compartmentalized lung problems (different compliances resistances and leaks).

Q: How do I set resistance on the QuickLung?

A: The QuickLung uses orifice-type resistors which require a simple turn of the elbow connector to access one of three standard settings (5, 20, 50 cm H2O /L/s).  Additional resistances can be created by adding the Parabolic Resistor Ring.

Q: Can I set inflection points on the QuickLung?

A: Yes. An upper inflection point can be set by using the enclosed velcro strap to restrict the expansion of the bellows.

Q: Can I use the QuickLung on any ventilator?

A: Yes, just like a real patient the QuickLung can be attached to any ventilator from ICU to transport.

Q: Can the QuickLung be calibrated?

A: To accommodate the needs of different users such as respiratory equipment manufacturers, biomedical engineers, and educators; we provide two versions of the QuickLung. The standard version is for users who do not need calibration and is offered at a lower price. The calibrated version of the QuickLung is available for use in applications such as ventilator performance testing. A Calibration Certificate with compliance and resistance data is provided. We recommend recalibration on a yearly basis.

The standard QuickLung is not able to be calibrated after purchase.

That being said, the standard QuickLung meets the needs of most of our customers. Requirements for QC protocols related to calibration and accuracy typically come from the customer’s organization or from the manufacturer of the device under test.

If we can learn more about your application/requirements, we can work with you to be sure we match you with the right solution. If you would like more information about the calibrated QuickLung, please call us at (800) 583-9910, ext. 133 or request information.

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