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NeoLung® is a versatile, hands-on test lung to simulate neonatal and infant patients in a very intuitive, visual fashion. You can quickly change the compliance, resistance, leaks and overdistension threshold to simulate a range of clinical scenarios.

Quickly demonstrate conditions such as stacked breaths, overdistention, “stiff” lungs, and leaks.

Intended Use

  • Infant ventilation management training and demonstration with no risk to patients!
  • Compatible with all ventilators featuring neonatal modes, from ICU to transport.


Quickly adjust resistance, compliance, leak percentage and overdistention threshold.


Demonstrate Leaks

Demonstrate the impact of leaks on your ventilator’s tidal volume and minute ventilation as well as flow-sensing triggers.


This simple tool creates visual impressions that last.

  • Demonstrate patient inspiratory effort and ventilator response in assisted modes with highly pliable silicone bellows.
  • Show overdistention with volume limit brackets.
  • Demonstrate high-frequency ventilation
  • Enhance instruction on ventilator graphics.
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NeoLung is a passive demo lung with two independent compartments for simulating infant patients.

Compliances*0, 2.0 mL/cmH2O
Tidal volume25, 50 cm3
Resistances*100-350 cmH2O/L/s at 10 L/min flow
Leak settings*30, 50, 70%
Overdistension Limit (VTMAX)10, 20 cm3
(W x D x H):
6.5 x 5.5 x 3 in
216 x 165 x 76 mm
(including carrying pouch)
7 oz. (200 g)
Color (carrying pouch)Blue

*Approximate values


Q: Can I use NeoLung to demonstrate high-frequency ventilation?

A: Yes. NeoLung provides a very strong visual impression and is thus a good tool for demonstrating high-frequency ventilation.


Q: How do I simulate over-distention?

A: NeoLung comes equipped with two over-distension brackets which limit the expansion of the bellows. Because there are two brackets, you can simulate two levels of over-distension.


Q: What ventilators are compatible with NeoLung?

A: You can use NeoLung with any ventilator you would use on a neonatal patient. You connect the lung via an ET-tube, just as you would a real patient.


Q: How can I clean/disinfect NeoLung?

A: NeoLung would not get contaminated in normal use and would only need a wipe-down with a damp cloth. However, you can bath-disinfect NeoLung using any commercially available disinfectant that is rated compatible with the more sensitive plastic materials: Lexan, Acetal, Copolyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl/Urethane Elastomer. Heat is not recommended (no autoclave).

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