The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung Model is a portable two-bellows lung simulator with easy control of compliance, resistance, and leak settings to simulate a wide spectrum of patient scenarios (pediatric to adult).

Intended Use

Hands-on ventilator training and demonstration with no risk to patients

Pressure Monitoring

Built-in pressure gauges show differences between airway and lung compartment pressure.

Compact and Portable

Take the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung along wherever you need it (12.5″ x 10″ (318 X 230 mm) footprint).

Two-Bellows System

Realistic simulation of compartmentalized lung problems (leaks, resistive anomalies).

  • Multiple compliance settings easily simulate a wide range of patient scenarios, including over-distention.
  • Adjustable resistance and leak settings (ET-tube and lung leak) allow you to show a variety of patient conditions.
  • Patient inspiratory efforts can be simulated by manually raising the bellows.
  • Pressure gauges show airway as well as lung pressures.
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Carrying Case

Hardshell carrying case protects device and provides space for carrying accessories.

The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung Model is a passive, two-compartment test lung with adjustable resistance, compliance, and leaks.

VolumeVolume 2 x 1.0 L nominal
Compliances18 to 80 mL/cmH2O over­all range
15, 25, 50 cmH2O/L/s
10, 16, 25 L/min for both ET-tube
and lung leak at 40 cmH2O
Dimensions11.5 x 9.8 x 6.5 inches
(291 x 248 x 165 mm)
Weight14.5 lbs (7 kg)
Color (enclosure)Blue


Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung Brochure

Q: Can the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung be used for ventilator testing?

A:  For ventilator performance verification we recommend our QuickLung®, which is available in both a standard and calibrated version.

Q: How does the Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung compare to the QuickLung?

A: The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung and our QuickLung and are both built on a mechanical system using bellows, springs, and orifices.

  • The Adult/Pediatric Demo Lung has two bellows which allow you to demonstrate compartmentalized lung problems. You can combine two QuickLungs and achieve a similar effect.
  • The Demo Lung has three pressure gauges showing differences between airway and lung compartment pressures.
  • The Demo Lung was designed for demonstration; the QuickLung can be used for both testing and training.
  • The QuickLung is more precise, cost-effective, and compact than the Demo Lung. It can even be suspended from a ventilator.
  • The QuickLung forms the core of a system that can be expanded with options for spontaneous breathing, pulmonary mechanics graphics, pediatric simulation as well as manual ventilation and intubation training.

When more realistic and accurate breathing simulation is needed, we recommend our ASL 5000™ Breathing Simulator.

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