RespiSim® System

It’s incredibly valuable to be able to watch RT’s in action making mistakes, and to catch those issues before they occur with real patients!Matthew Jurecki, BS, RRT, Prominent Academic Medical Facility

The RespiSim System benefits our students by giving them as realistic an experience as possible, short of using actual humans!Monica Simko, BSRC, RRT, Laurel Technical Institute

The educational possibilities of the RespiSim are endless and [IngMar Medical’s Clinical Educator] helped me to learn how to use all the features of the system.Norma Lahart, RRT, Alvin Community College

RespiSim and the ASL 5000 have made a significant difference to our mechanical ventilation course. The student’s understanding of compliance, resistance and asynchrony has increased tremendously since using RespiSim.Jean Newberry, Florida SouthWestern State College

There is no doubt that my ability to convey the concepts and application of mechanical ventilation to my students and others will be enhanced by using RespiSim.John. Rutowski, County College of Morris

 ASL 5000™ Lung Solution for SimMan®

This collaboration between Laerdal and IngMar has been a win for the simulation community. No other single product can do what these two can do combined.Bill Garrison, BS ACCS-RRT RCP, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Our ASL 5000 Lung Solution seems to be one of the most popular portions of our respiratory program, as the Flight Medics, Critical Care Medics, and EMS have used it almost weekly!Steve Hudson, Greenville HealthCare Simulation Center

Our experience with the Lung Solution is very positive. It has created an avenue that allows us to replicate near complete critical care simulations. There isn’t another simulator on the market that allows you to train pulmonary function, disease states and ventilator management like this. It has truly added a level of education that we could not teach effectively before and is helping our institution advance our protocols in respiratory managementJason Bates, MA, Center for Critical Care and Trauma Education

The ASL 5000 Lung Solution for SimMan has been an asset to our program. The ASL and Laerdal SimMan can seamlessly interact and we no longer need 2 computers to run scenarios. With this set up, the instructor does not have to be in the room, making the scenario more realistic. We plan on utilizing this combination more in the future.Jean Newberry, Florida Southwestern State College