Training Tool Helps Respiratory Therapists Breathe Easier

Simulation instructor & student 5010A state-of-the-art lung simulator is allowing hundreds of Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff to practice life-saving respiratory procedures and prepare them for real-life scenarios.

The ASL 5000 Breathing Simulator is a device that can simulate lung activity for a number of respiratory conditions – including H1N1, acute respiratory distress and asthma attacks – in a range of patients, from neonatal to the elderly. It is used to train clinicians, primarily respiratory therapists, who assist patients who require a ventilator to breathe properly.

“Simulating scenarios in real time gives staff the chance to fine-tune their skills before they experience the real thing.”Brent Neil

“Critical lung illness or injury can be fatal and takes a number of different forms. Different lung conditions must be dealt with on a ventilator in a variety of ways. This tool helps ensure patients get the best possible care.”

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