RespiSim eLearning is Here!

We are proud to officially announce the launch of IngMar Medical’s brand new subscription-based e-learning environment, RespiSim eLearning. It is designed to bring affordable, highly realistic ventilation training to the entire healthcare community.

IngMar Medical President, Brian Linn, explains, “For nearly 30 years, our systems have been highly regarded as the most realistic and versatile simulators available for mechanical ventilation training. Empowering educators to better prepare clinicians for the most complex mechanical ventilation challenges will always be a part of our identity. But, the launch of our RespiSim® eLearning subscription marks the beginning of a new chapter at IngMar Medical. Rather than catering exclusively to the most advanced respiratory educators, we will begin providing solutions that help support the training objectives of a wider range of clinicians as well as educators who have adopted hybrid and remote teaching modalities.”

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic who has supplied a comprehensive set of e-learning courses which can be completed by learners on their own time as an adjunct to existing curriculums.

In addition, RespiSim eLearning includes our new Virtual Ventilator, which is a software-based solution allowing educators to demonstrate basic to advanced ventilation concepts in a fully virtual environment.

As a RespiSim eLearning subscriber, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a discussion forum to discuss best practices in simulation and mechanical ventilation with your peers. We look to build a community of educators who are all working together for the same common goal – better patient outcomes.

Watch this webinar to learn more!