Reshaping the Future of Respiratory Simulation: Exploring ISL Technology’s Role in Education

Nearly 30 years ago, IngMar Medical developed the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, the ASL 5000®. Due to its versatility and high level of precision and control, the ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator is considered the premier solution for hands-on training, clinical research, and device testing to this day.

Throughout the years, we have paid particularly close attention to the feedback coming from our educational users. They have always been passionate and committed to achieving the best possible simulation outcomes, a goal that we share together. We’ve used this feedback to make incremental updates to the ASL 5000® user experience, particularly from a software perspective.

But, there was always one question we couldn’t answer.

“Can’t you fit the ASL technology inside a manikin?”

ISL technology inside the Aurora Manikin

We agreed this was a great idea, but we didn’t have a solution for it…until now!

Our new Internal Simulated Lung (ISL) is derived from the ASL 5000® technology. It elevates medical training by offering a tetherless internal system for creating realistic interactions with all forms of ventilation including bag-valve mask, non-invasive, and invasive/ICU ventilation.

We are thrilled to take this leap in innovation which allows us to offer educators a level of realism that is comparable to the coveted ASL 5000® along with the ability to transport the patient from one educational setting to another.

The ISL technology immerses educators in realistic respiratory scenarios within a controlled environment, providing invaluable hands-on experience in managing intricate respiratory conditions. As a result, learners can significantly boost their clinical competency and readiness to handle complex respiratory care scenarios, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The ISL technology is available as a part of two distinctly different simulators:

ISL technology inside SimMan® Critical Care

IngMar Medical’s brand new Aurora utilizes the ISL technology to provide an affordable, ALS-based manikin capable of providing highly realistic, hands-on ventilation training. The ability to comprehensively assess the patient’s condition and practice a variety of clinical skills makes the manikin an ideal solution for Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, EMS, and Physicians.

SimMan® Critical Care, developed by Laerdal Medical, utilizes ISL technology to provide an immersive and realistic training experience in critical care, respiratory care, and anesthesia practice. SimMan® Critical Care empowers healthcare professionals to practice high-fidelity simulations of critical respiratory scenarios, including acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), pneumothorax, and respiratory failure. Through this partnership, IngMar Medical and Laerdal Medical are spearheading the revolution in medical education and training, equipping healthcare providers worldwide with the tools they need to excel in their practice.

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