New RespiSim® Scenarios are Here! Revolutionize Your Training

We understand that developing realistic, effective mechanical ventilation training scenarios can be time-consuming, especially for educators who are balancing time between the simulation lab and the ICU. Therefore, we are now excited to announce the release of 9 new clinical scenarios for use with our RespiSim® System or ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator. With our new RespiSim® Scenarios, you can effortlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice, bringing clinical reality to your training sessions.

What Sets RespiSim Scenarios Apart?

  • Realistic Clinical Simulations: RespiSim® Scenarios stand at the forefront of healthcare training, offering scenarios developed with an acute understanding of real-life physiological responses, aiding learners in making informed treatment decisions through immersive simulations.
  • Expert Collaboration: Crafted through a collaborative effort of our Clinical Education team and subject matter experts from diverse fields, bringing a rich and deep understanding to each scenario.

  • Tailored Learning Experiences: Every aspect of the RespiSim® Scenarios is customizable, allowing for a learning experience that meets your unique objectives and encouraging a deeper understanding through personalized educational pathways.

Advancing Medical Education

IngMar Medical’s new scenarios offer a glimpse into the future of medical training, encouraging collaborative and immersive learning experiences that prepare healthcare professionals for real-world challenges. As learners navigate these scenarios, they can expect detailed feedback and adaptive learning paths, ensuring a learning experience that is both dynamic and responsive to individual needs.

Join the Revolution

We invite medical professionals, institutions, and stakeholders in the healthcare industry to be a part of this revolutionary journey towards a new standard in medical education. Stay tuned for updates on training sessions, workshops, and webinars, where you can experience the new simulation scenarios firsthand.

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