New Lungs for SimBaby!

We are pleased to announce that the  ASL 5000 Lung Solution  will soon be compatible with Laerdal’s new SimBaby. This will enable you to use the new SimBaby to conduct advanced ventilator management training in anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, pulmonology, and respiratory care.

With the ASL 5000 Lung Solution, SimBaby can breathe spontaneously while being ventilated and hold PEEP at any clinically relevant level. You can use any ventilator and any ventilator mode, including NIV. Resistance and compliance are minutely adjustable, allowing you to simulate a vast number of patient disease states. This will allow you to teach mechanical ventilation topics such as:

  • Managing IRDS and RSV
  • Adjusting the ventilator in response to a change in patient condition
  • Identifying and resolving patient-ventilator dysynchronies

Developed in collaboration with Laerdal, the popular ASL 5000 Lung Solution is currently compatible with SimMan®, SimMan 3G Trauma, SimMan Essential, and SimMan Essential Bleeding.

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