New LLEAP Software Plugin, Version 2.4.11 for the SimMan® Platform

IngMar Medical is pleased to announce the release of its new LLEAP Software Plugin, version 2.4.11 for the SimMan® Platform. This new version features the following updates and changes:

LLEAP Plugin 2.4.11

  • When applying an IngMar-created model from the Quick Choice Menu, default severity is Mild
  • Increased spontaneous effort for ‘Normal’ patient model in Quick Choice Menu resulting in higher baseline tidal volume
  • Corrected issues associated with saving custom patient models
  • Text within ASL 5000 windows dynamically re-sizes in relation to window size
  • Normal patient model is highlighted to indicate that it is running when first starting ASL 5000
  • Fixed Lung Model Control window to display correct parameters when an IngMar-created model is selected
  • Updates to the manikin discovery protocol
  • Overall stability upgrade